Exploring Meditation Workshop - Discover the Calm & Clarity Within

Wednesday March 14th / 6pm - 7.30pm (90 Minutes)

Location: Westfield Sydney YogaBar

Join wellness expert, Madina Tanekeyeva, on Wednesday March 14th in this one and a half hour Exploring Meditation Workshop where you’ll learn techniques to reduce stress, increase self-awareness and calm a busy mind. The focus of the workshop will explore simple and consistent mediation practices that you can apply to daily life - a practice that will inspire you to pause, breathe and reconnect with the stillness within, and in that stillness, find more calm and clarity you never knew existed.

This workshop is perfect for those who have never meditated and are open to self-discovery, or regular meditators who would like to reawaken and explore their practice in a deeper way. Kombucha will be served afterwards where you can mingle and ask questions.

Member Pass Price: $24.50
Non-Member Pass Price: $29.50

*Please remember to book into the class after you have bought your pass, buying the pass does NOT automatically place you in the booking list.

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