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What can you expect in your next YB Barre class?

Our YB Barre class is a dynamic fusion of Pilates, fitness and ballet which is based on the Barre Attack program. This class set to motivating music and combining cardio intervals and isometric exercises, hand weights, balls and bands. This full body workout is a high energy class set to motivating music.

Here are a few reasons why you should book your next YB Barre class today!

Suitable for all levels of fitness

Our Barre class is easy to follow and you’ll work up a sweat at the same time, so no matter what level of fitness you are

Feel the burn

You’ll be sure to get the results you want by toning and strengthening legs, core, arms and booty in this class

Improved balance

Our Barre class teaches you to correct your posture by strengthening your core helping you to stand taller and help strengthen your centre of gravity. When our body is balanced, this helps with digestion, increases our energy and reduces our risk of injury

Hello flexibility!

A mentioned, our YB Barre class incorporates Pilates which helps improve your flexibility and range of motion as you progress with each class

Goodbye back pain

As you strengthen your core, this will also help relieve the pressure you may experience in your lower back from the day’s tasks

Firmer booty

The use of the therabands and balls provides resistance to your lower body workout giving you that extra bit of challenge


What are you waiting for? Click here book in your next YB Barre class today!

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