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Sunshine Zerda

Sunshine’s fearless and uncompromising approach to wellness is fuelled by her intimate understanding of the demands of a busy lifestyle and the potential detriment of stress to our health. Her mission: to change inertia into action, delivering positive transformation for body and mind.

A former gymnast, California girl Sunshine joined the US junior Olympic team in her teens, before moving into martial arts. She graduated from college with a Business and Marketing degree, segueing into the corporate world for 11 years, before ultimately making a return to her true passions: health and fitness.

A certified Corepower yoga instructor, lululemon Ambassador, High Intensity Functional training expert, and self-defence combat specialist, Sunshine has a commitment to helping her students live a higher quality of life one day at a time.

For Sunshine Yoga Saved her life! As an athlete, it has prevented injuries and helps her to excel in all types of sports she is involved in. It also is a direct connection for her to a community of positive people who are genuinely interested in a global movement of world peace. Practicing yoga consistently enables Sunshine to: achieve a deep relaxation, improve concentration and focus, reduce stress, boost productivity levels, and achieve equilibrium in physical, mental, emotional and spiritual state.

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