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Shazia Dalichau

Shazia has trained in Singapore and Bali with the likes of Chuck Miller, Maty Ezraty and Andre Lappa. Shazia still feels like a toddler having practised Yoga for 6 years and a baby teaching for over 2 years.

Yoga for Shazia is... whatever you want it to be; however it serves you. Be it handstands and transitions, meditation, to charity/karma work. What it takes to make you a "better" person (and what "better" means to you, even if that means less road rage).

[Additionally,] For me, it’s a code of conduct for oneself and/or in life. A tool to find a sense of contentment, to be comfortable with oneself, to take challenges as opportunities, to share positivity, realism, education and goodness and make it infectious.

This, by no means has done justice to "yoga is...", its just the tip of the iceberg, and will take more than a lifetime of serious commitment to truly learn and appreciate what "yoga is".

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