Rhiannan Gibbons

Rhiannan is a Personal Trainer, Barre Attack Instructor and U-JAM Instructor. Rhiannan danced competitively for nearly 17 years and studied Dance at UNSW. She began her health and fitness journey as a teenager purely to improve her strength and fitness for dancing. She loved it so much she went on to become a qualified Group Fitness Instructor and Personal Trainer. After many years of blood, sweat and tears in the dance industry, Rhiannan left competitive dance behind and dove into the fitness industry as a full time PT.
Rhiannan started Barre Attack as a way to keep fit and strong while staying true to her dancer roots. Barre Attack is a high intensity, low impact workout that combines some of the best of ballet, Pilates and fitness which had her hooked from her first class. Rhiannan trained as a Barre Attack Instructor with creator and founder Renee Scott in 2017.

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