Natanya Full

Natanya has been practicing yoga for over 13 years and completed her teacher training under the nurturing guidance of Idit Tamir and Katie Minatsas in 2015.

Initially yoga was a way for Natanya to reduce injury through years of intensive triathlon training. Then yoga became a wonderful balance for the strain of her high pressure corporate career. Now yoga is a gift she wished to share with others as it has positively transformed her personal life and complimented her active lifestyle. Her aspiration is to help others find their own sense of internal balance, self-nurture, peacefulness and flexibility through yoga that she has found to be so life changing. She is encouraging and warm, bringing a sense of calm and relaxation to each class through both dynamic Vinyasa, and restful Yin yoga classes. Natanya looks forward to sharing yoga with you.

For Natanya Yoga is a gift for sharing.

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