Kat Shields

Kat, also known as Katra, is the founder of Katraz Dance which was established in 2004 bringing Belly dance, Hip Hop, Breakdance and dance fitness classes to Mackay, QLD and all the surrounding towns. Kat decided to move back to Sydney where she originally trained with the Turkish Delights and Sydney Dance Company. She is a certified Pilates, Barre Attack, U-Jam Instructor, and PT specialist. A fun unique fact about Kat is that she's a snake charmer in her free time!

Kat's parents taught her at an early age that health and fitness is important to live a good quality of life. Dance was the only passion Kat had to motivate her into fitness, but was uninspired until she was 23 years old. Since then, her quality of life improved and now her goal is to empower others through teaching.

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