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Staying Happy & Healthy over Easter

Easter eggs and hot cross buns have been in the supermarkets since Christmas. It’s crazy! There is always an occasion or excuse for us to overeat it seems these days. If it isn’t Easter, it is a birthday, or a work function, or a wedding, or a holiday, there is always something…. If you let there be.

There is nothing wrong with eating some festive treats. It is okay to eat treats at any time. You never need to justify why you are eating something and if you are, perhaps there is a reason for that. Do you feel guilty, anxious, deprived, judged? If we live a life whereby nothing is off limits and we eat what we love and feels good, occasions don’t matter. It’s easy to pass the chocolate aisle or skip the dessert without temptation.

So this Easter, remember that chocolate is available all year. Easter is one day. There will always be more food so just breathe and be without food angst. Choose chocolate you love to eat only. Don’t feel you have to eat anything. If you receive chocolate and don’t want it, give it away. It’s your body and there is nothing unsociable with saying no. If you want the chocolate, eat it, savour it, and just get on with life. You don’t need to work off the chocolate you ate.

A few tips for keeping happy and healthy over Easter:

  • Choose quality over quantity. Often all we need is a taste. You’ll probably find eating half a piece and leaving the rest to be more satisfying than having the entire thing. Get your fix and don’t overindulge.
  • Freeze hot cross buns. If you buy a 6 pack, you don’t need to eat them all. Eat one and freeze the rest for another time. One hot cross bun is on average 300 calories. And then you will probably add some butter. This is similar in calories to a meal.
  • For most people, it is better to eat one large Easter egg rather than little ones. People who buy the packs of little ones tend to not psychologically register how much they are consuming. Each trip to the pantry ends up with another little egg. A packet of little eggs is about 800 calories. If you can eat just the one great, but for a lot of us we can’t stop. It could be better to just buy the big one. A 110 gram Kinder Easter Bunny, or a Cadbury 110 grams Crunchie egg is about 600. Know how your eating habits and choose what is best for you.
  • Get rid of it. If you have too much take it to work and share it around. Or, put it in the bin. I do hate food wastage but better in the bin than in your gut.
  • For a lot of us, Easter is a 4-day long weekend. Use it. Get active, relax and enjoy life. We live in a world whereby everyone is stressed and busy. Just breathe and be 🙂

Blog post courtesy of Elizabeth Pattalis.

Elizabeth is a registered clinical nutritionist, Personal Trainer and a Pilates instructor for YogaBar. Her mission is to make healthy living simple, realistic and achievable for all her clients. Visit her at

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