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Member spotlight – Gerry

If there’s one thing we love about our YB community (apart from the fact that they always  smash their classes), it’s hearing about their journey and what brought them to the wonderful world of yoga.

Meet YB member Gerry. When he’s not strapping on his running shoes, you’ll find Gerry regularly attending lunchtime YB classes at our Westfield Sydney studio, or working on his body and soul at our Five Dock studio on the weekend.

Gerry’s fitness journey first began in his early 30s, when he made the decision to make exercise a part of his daily routine, this led to him finding his passion for running. For many years, this was Gerry’s only form of exercise and even he could see that other aspects of his fitness regime needed some love. 

Over the years, Gerry noticed he started to suffer from regular injuries, such as muscle tears, which could have been a result of his many years of running. He realised he needed to do something to help prevent these injuries and was later introduced to yoga. 

Gerry first started his yoga journey by taking up Bikram classes, and after a couple of years, transitioned into more traditional styles of yoga which he has now been doing for the last 6 years.

When we asked Gerry what motivates him to get up and workout, he shared:

“I exercise to counteract the effects of getting older. I never want to use my age as an excuse and say ‘I can’t do that.’ I enjoy both the process of being on the mat and the after effects of exercise (ie feeling fit, active and healthy).

I try to look at my exercise routine in 4 parts: Cardio – getting my heart rate up which I achieve during my Flow class and in my running. Strength – which is achieved in many yoga poses. Mobility – Keeping all parts of the body moving with no aches and pains and mental – Often overlooked which yoga and meditation covers so well.”

Over the years, Gerry has learnt and mastered many of the simple to advanced poses in yoga. When asked what he normally focuses on, Gerry admitted that although his body and mind is ready to push further in advanced practices, he thoroughly enjoys the more ‘simple’ poses that focus on alignment and breath.



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