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Member spotlight – Emily Wilson

When we asked YB member, Emily why she started her yoga journey, her answer was simple; ‘to relieve chronic pain and increase my fitness levels’. These are some of the most common reasons why people start yoga, plus for Emily it was a cheaper alternative to physio, so she thought “why not give it a go?” (can’t argue with her there).

Emily has been practicing with us for two years, though it didn’t take long for her body to get used to the movements and flow of yoga. Overtime, she saw her fitness increase, and surprisingly, also felt her mental wellbeing improve too. Unexpected by Emily, but something she is grateful for to this day. Emily believes that YogaBar has taught her how to laugh and be kinder to herself, thanks to the tools and practices she has learnt during her time with us.

At first, Emily was surprised by the emotions elicited during her practice. This is something a lot of our members are shocked by, many thinking that yoga is just a physical practice.

Why is this you ask? According to while yoga can be a physically intense activity, the poses and asanas of a practice can bring your brain into a deeply focused, neutral state. This helps you process anything that is bothering you subconsciously, but that you’ve been unable or unwilling to access directly.”

Over the years throughout Emily’s journey, her curiosity towards the link between the brain and yoga heightened, so she decided she wanted to learn more. She found herself enrolling into uni and signing up for a psychology degree (talk about a turn of events!) and as they say, the rest is history. 

To this day, Emily still attends her favourite YB classes – YB Flow/Meditation and YB Barre, and is still working on her physical health and mental wellbeing. She continues to learn more about the emotions brought on by yoga, and uses this to help her throughout her practice.

Emily loves the feeling of being part of a community when she steps into her YB studio, and is thankful for the support her YB instructors have given her over the years.

Keep up the great work Emily! We love seeing your smiling face in the studio.











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