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How to stay motivated when the season changes

Now that the weather is getting cooler, you’re probably starting to enjoy staying indoors and rugging up under a big warm blanket drinking a hot cup of tea (or hot chocolate). But before you pull out the ugg boots and let the Autumn chill keep you from staying healthy, energetic and on-track, check out our top tips that will help you stay motivated for your YogaBar class this season.

1. Re-establish your routine. If you love morning YogaBar classes, go to bed earlier the night before so that waking up will be easier.

2. Follow this simple pre-sleep routine – No technology such as phone, tablet or TV 1 hr before bed time, ensure you eat your main meal 3-4 hrs before bed and keep your bedroom cool and properly ventilated. These simple habits will help you feel refreshed and ready for your YogaBar class the next day.

3. Book your favourite YogaBar classes a week in advance or pack your yoga gear the night before. This will keep you committed and won’t give you an excuse to cancel on your next class.

4. Make a promise to practice regularly. TIP: Pick a friend or work colleague who can hold you accountable and motivate you to make it to your next YogaBar class.

5. Think of your favourite YogaBar class – can you recall the way you felt afterwards? When you remind yourself on how great you felt after your favourite YogaBar class, this can effectively put you in a feel good mood and motivate you to book in your next class.

6. Try one of our heated YB classes. Our studios heat up to a comfortable 30-34 degrees and are the perfect way to warm up your body. They are a great way to help with detoxification and deepen your practice allowing your body to sink blissfully into poses.

So don’t let the change in seasons draw you into hibernation, book in your next YogaBar class and stay motivated all year round.

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