Yoga for Desk Jockeys

Where: YogaBar Westfield Sydney
When: Thurs Sep 13th, 6:30pm - 8pm
Cost: $30 members / $35 non-members

Join us for a 90 minute Spring Workshop where we'll be providing the tools, asanas, and daily practices to release tight muscles from hours spent over desks each day. The effects of sitting all day are well documented, but you don’t need to use a standing desk to get you through unscathed! At YogaBar we’ve got you covered - join us for our latest workshop, Yoga For Desk Jockeys! Yoga Teacher and Wellness Facilitator Katie Haire will take you through a 90 minute class that will focus on areas that get tight and sore from hours of sitting at your desk.
What you will learn at this workshop:
- Movements to aid stiffness and soreness
- Asana poses to release tight muscles after a long day of sitting
- Stretches and movements you can practice at your desk
- Relieve key areas that become sore from hours of sitting - think hips, shoulders and back!


Where: Hotel Komune, Bali
When: November 20th - 26th 2018

We are thrilled to announce that this November, we'll be running our very first YogaBar Retreat in Bali! Expect to transform your body, mind and soul with daily fitness and wellness activities, organic freshly chef-prepared meals in an award winning beach resort and spa! We'll be providing more information very soon, so stay tuned and save the date!

U-JAM Pop Up


U-Jam Fitness is an athletic hip-hop dance fitness workout that combines easy to learn steps and high energy music for a workout that will get your heart rate up, your body moving, and make you work up a sweat in no time - all whilst having fun! Join us for a high energy workout, with U-Jam instructor, Rhiannon Gibbons.

Book your spot online today or speak to our team at your local YB studio or FNF club! Simply choose the location you would like to attend below to go through the booking process.


Next Date : TBC

Our YogaRaves include a YB Define class to tunes by a live Dj. These events
are unique with disco lights, glow sticks, face paints and the feature of
all V-series events… a glass of Organic Wine!


Next Date : TBC

YogaVin is a yoga flow class to a live electronic violin improvisation by
the talented international violin artist QVLN. It is then followed by a
glass of organic wine.

This unique combination of movement and music will leave you feeling
challenged yet incredibly connected and relaxed.

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