Class Types

  • YB #1

    Come to the mat and learn to go with the flow! If you are clueless about yoga or just want to refresh your skills then this is the class for you. Find out why our mats are our happy place with this entry level class that focuses on basic yoga poses, fundamental breathing techniques and postural alignment. Experience the fundamental principles of Vinyasa Yoga while you flow through movement and breath.

  • YB #2 (Heated)

    Ready to go next level? Work your way to pro with more challenging poses, a renewed focus on breath and the opportunity to be upside down! We heat things up to 32 degrees so this signature class will detoxify and strengthen your body while balancing your mind. YB#2 truly is the next level in terms of taking your personal asana practice to the edge…

  • YB Hot (Heated)

    If you are a yoga warrior then this is the class for you! This dynamic Vinyasa Yoga class will make you sweat as you challenge your body and mind! As the class heats up to 34 Degrees and you move from one asana to the next, build strength, flexibility, stamina and balance. You are a force to be reckoned with.

  • YB Flow

    Masters of the universe and beginners unite as we take Vinyasa Yoga to the top! We work together in this smooth continuous flow that will increase your strength and endurance. Are you ready to test the edge of your balance and flexibility? Let your steady breath heat the body and cool the mind. This class is not heated and is suitable for all levels.

  • YB Yin

    We all need a little yin in our lives and this class promises just that! Stretch and energise the deep tissues of your body to restore your alignment. Supported by props such as bolsters and blocks, poses can be held for up to 3 or 5 minutes and will release tension and calm the nervous system. YogaBar Yin will leave you feeling like you just spent two weeks on a tropical island paradise. Minus the tan.

  • YB Define (Heated)

    Who says yogi’s don’t lift? This mind/body/weights floor combo has it all! Set to exhilarating music, this sculpting class combines Vinyasa Yoga poses with hand weights, zen and strength. Boost your metabolism and build lean muscle as you move to upbeat tracks. This class is suitable for all levels and performed in a heated studio.

  • YB Meditation

     YogaBar Meditation – Calm

    CALM is a super power (25 minutes guided meditation, 5 minutes rest)

    Designed for those looking to squeeze in a meditation during your work
    day. Whether you are new to meditation or have an existing practice, this
    sitting meditation class is the perfect dose of quiet.


    YogaBar Meditation – Rest

    Invest in REST (25 minutes guided meditation, 5 minutes rest)

    Lie down, relax and let go.

    A lying down relaxation class designed to trigger the relaxation response
    in your nervous system. In this class, you will be taken through relaxing
    scans of the body, gently bringing your attention to each part of the body,
    letting go and then recharging.

  • YB Barre

    Find your inner Ballerina! Have fun while toning and strengthening your body, developing longer, leaner muscles. Barre Attack is an awesome workout combining the best of pilates, fitness and ballet. This fun and effective class set to inspiring and motivating music will get you results in no time! Buns and ballet tights not required! You don’t need socks either! But booking a MUST!

  • YB Pilates

    Core power to the people! This is a classic pilates mat class with energy! Lengthen & strengthen your muscles while building stamina & strength. Walk away feeling taller and more energised! Focusing on flexibility, core strength, balance and mobility, this mat class uses your own body weight for resistance. Suitable for all levels. Bookings essential.

  • YB Reformer

    This machine based class uses springs and pulleys to promote length, strength, and flexibility.The instability of a rolling carriage with springs set at different levels of resistance provides stability challenges that develop core strength and promote better balance.

  • YB Beats

    Rock your flow to the latest beats in a strong and invigorating Vinyasa class. Use the music and the movement to allow yourself to explore where you can take your practice. The powerful combination of music, breath and movement is where you can find your edge… This class may be heated or unheated.

  • YB Hot Pilates Mat (Heated)

    Increase core strength and stability using the key Pilates principles of breath, control and posture. In a room heated to 32 degrees, using a variety of equipment such as circles, balls and bands, the heat will push your workout to the next level. You’ll leave feeling tall, lean and more energised. Suitable for all levels

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