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Class Spotlight: YB Yin

We all need to balance our naturally yang lifestyle with some YIN! With the ever-stimulating world that we live in, whether it’s your everyday to-do lists, smartphone and devices or the people you interact with, this can put you running high on your sympathetic nervous system and exhaust your energy.

Especially during the winter months, where the body naturally requires more energy to do daily tasks, our immune system gets weak which can cause an imbalance in the Urinary Bladder and Kidney meridians. The most profound practice that switches on our parasympathetic nervous system and boost our immunity and vitality is Yin Yoga.

As we are in the winter season, the energy of our Urinary Bladder and Kidney meridians tend to come out of balance. Physically, it may cause backaches, headaches, gynaecological issues, disorder in the kidneys, lungs and throat, inability to urinate and weakness in the lower limbs. Emotionally, it relates to anxiety and fear.

Yin is a simple but deep practice for the mind and body which has some of these great benefits:

Photo credit: YogaBar instructor Carol Man


– Calms and balances the mind and body

– Reduces stress and anxiety

– Greater stamina

– Increase circulation

– Improve mobility in the body

– Releases fascia throughout the body

– Balances the internal organs and improve the flow of chi

– Balances a yang lifestyle

If you are constantly stressed, feeling tired or fatigue easily, have a very yang nature (who is always on the go and get things done) or have any of the above symptoms, then our YB Yin class is perfect for you! We’re certain you will feel the benefits of Yin after just one class (if you can fully commit and be attentive to it).

Get some YIN tonic this winter!

Don’t forget to join us on Thursday July 18th at YogaBar Westfield Sydney for our Winter Wellness: Yin Workshop with YogaBar instructor Trish Flynn. You will be guided through a 90 minute session where you will focus on your breath and relish in the sensations that surface by holding restorative forward bends, hip openers, and inversions for a luxurious amount of time.

Click HERE to book your ticket or to find out more.


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