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Class Spotlight: YB HOT

Turn up the heat on your favourite YB Flow…In a studio heated to 34c! YB Hot uses infrared heat to help you deepen your practice allowing your body to sink blissfully into poses.

As your breath guides you through your practice, the heat warms your body for deeper opening and detoxification.

We share a few of our favourite benefits of our YB Hot class:


Detoxification is the process in which harmful toxins are flushed out from the body. Heavy sweating has been said to help remove these toxins through the skin giving your immune system an extra boost. Practicing hot yoga also requires you to drink more fluids which ultimately helps your body to naturally detoxify waste from within.

Deepens your practice

The added heat in a hot yoga class helps your muscles to stretch further which increases your flexibility and deepens your access into poses.

Relieves stress

Deep breathing is essential to help calm and relax the body especially for those who suffer from stress & anxiety. The great thing about a hot yoga class is that one of the main focuses is on your breath, which if practiced regularly can help eliminate negative thought patterns.

Burns calories

Any sort of movement that increases your heart rate is great for burning calories. Even though hot yoga is not your typical cardio workout, the heated studio still gets your heart rate going, making your body work harder to burn off any un-wanted calories.

We have a range of heated class styles that offer you the same benefits as our YB Hot class plus more. Below are a list of our YB classes that are heated:

  • YB Define
  • YB #2
  • YB Pilates mat

Take on the challenge! Click HERE to book in your next heated class today.

YB TIP: Our YB Hot class can be a bit challenging for first-time yogi’s, we suggest attending a few YB #1 classes to help with your form and get you used to the practice.


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