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Class Spotlight: YB Beats

Looking for a class that is fun and gives you all the benefits a normal yoga class would? Look no further than YB Beats!

We dive in a little deeper into one of our favourite signature classes and share what you can expect from this class and how it can benefit you!  

This music-driven class fuses together an invigorating vinyasa flow session with the latest beats, allowing your body to move through each pose, taking your practice to the next level.

Set in a heated studio, this class helps detoxify the body as well as deepen your yoga practice as you explore the rhythm of your own breath and movement. You’ll ease into this intuitive space as you warm up, using repetition of a simple sequence to find your flow. Then, you can expect to challenge yourself, using the music to drive your expression of a harder peak sequence.

Why should you try our YB Beats class? There are many benefits of practising yoga to music, we share a few of our favourite reasons below:

Mood booster

It’s no doubt that music moves us, whether you’re feeling sad, happy or stressed, the minute you hear your favourite tune, it’s almost guaranteed that you will instantly feel better. 

Balances our emotions

You may not realise it, but maintaining a healthy balance of emotions means rather than dreading negative situations they are embraced. Practising yoga to uplifting music can help with that.


Music alone has some great healing and therapeutic benefits such as helping lower our cortisol (stress hormone) levels, so when combined with the physical and spiritual benefits yoga possesses, you are left feeling a sense of physical and emotional peace.


The beat of the music stimulates our senses and pushes us through the challenging parts of the practice. As the intensity builds, the music becomes our inspiration.

For this month only, your favourite Friday YB Beats class at Burwood will be themed from the DECADES! It’s the same great class, at the same time of 5.45pm, only now you can workout along to some of the greatest hits from the decades. Join YB Instructor Kira West this month for hits from the 80s all the way to now. Pick your decade – or join them all! Click here to book your spot


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