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3 ways to prep the body for yoga

Yoga stretch 

Founder of modern yoga lifestyle media company Yoga By Candace shares her top 3 tips on how you can prep for your next Yoga class:

  1. Hydrate: Whenever I know I’m going to be going to a rigorous yoga class, I’m extra attentive to my water intake. If I’m not properly hydrated, I find that I get a headache either during or after a sweaty yoga class, so I hydrate like nobody’s biz on the day-of. I try to drink about a litre and a half throughout the day prior to an early evening class and I find my body feels best this way.
  2. Prep the muscles: I am notoriously tight in that muscle that runs along the exterior of the shin bone (fun fact, that muscle is called the tibialis anterior). I can’t figure out why I am so tight there but I am tight all. the. time. so I absolutely love the RAD Rod to loosen it up. It’s like a rolling pin that you use on muscles and overall, it’s a great little tool to throw in your yoga bag. I live for how it feels on my tibialis anterior.
  3. Take a second: I know that most classes start off with a centering, but sometimes I need to center before the centering (what?!). Let me explain. I often find myself rushing to class, my mind full of stuff that happened earlier and a running to-do list of what needs to be done after class. When I go in and sit on my mat and the class starts – I find that I’m just not fully present. Therefore, I always tell myself class actually starts five minutes before it truly does, and that way I’m there on time with a few minutes to take to myself and get my head right. I’ll sit on my mat, close my eyes, and take ten deep breaths. It’s become and quick and effective way to get the most out of the class because I’m able to be fully present.

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