Your First Class

  • Best Class for Beginners

    You are welcome to try any class you like. But if you are a bit nervous then YogaBar 1 is great if you are new to Yoga and YogaBar 2 is perfect for those with a little more experience. Yin Yoga will also give you a good base and offers a lot of beginner friendly instruction. All of our other classes offer instructions to both beginners and more advanced students. So take your pick!

  • What will you need

    You will need a yoga mat, towel and bottle of water. YogaBar can provide mats for a small cost if you don’t have one so don’t stress. If you are doing YogaBarre or Pilates, a mat and equipment will be provided for you.

  • What to wear

    This is not a fashion contest so wear what makes you happy but we do recommend wearing light, breathable, comfortable clothing that will draw moisture from the body. This goes for Yoga, Pilates and YogaBarre.

  • Hydrate

    Drink up and stay hydrated! It is important that you drink plenty of water before class and in general. Good hydration is essential to a healthy life.

  • Snacking

    Yoga on a full stomach can be just plain awkward so try not to eat anything for two hours before the class! If you are hungry then go for a light snack like fruit instead of anything too stodgy.

  • Checking in

    On your first visit, it is best to arrive 15 minutes before your class to check in and get used to the space and our team. But beware … numbers are limited in YogaBarre and Pilates, so you must book your place. Our team can show you how. It is a good idea to book into any Yoga classes on the YogaBar website or at Reception also.

  • Lockers

    Rules are rules and shoes, bags and mobile phones are not allowed in our Studios. But do not fear, we provide lockers for you to safely store your things until the end of your class.

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